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Jeremiah David Tindall’s musical journey has brought him...

…from the orchestra halls of the Midwest down to the sound systems of Kingston, Jamaica. With a goal of fusing the traditional rhythms of reggae music and the textured sounds of a classical music ensemble, his music will engage the senses while stirring your affections towards a better way of life and, by God’s grace, a transformed heart.

"Jeremiah is a very talented musician who is continuously willing to learn and work hard. What I appreciate most is that he dedicates his talent and musicianship to the Glory of God."
Greg Xiques
Music Minister, Miami Bible Church

Meet Jeremiah

Classically trained in the Midwest on violin from the age of 10 and immersed in the culture and music of Jamaica during the past 15 years, there has been a continuing draw towards the musical crossroads where classical compositions and reggae rhythms meet in my musical development. It was a long time in the making. With the raw style of drum and bass characteristic to the modern dancehall reggae scene, traditional reggae has its roots in the folk music style of Mento. 

While classic reggae music grooves in the same Caribbean roots that formed it and modern dancehall carries small traces of it, innovation has brought a new sophistication to the structure and texture of reggae music. My goal, musically, is to take that progression one step further and bring the complexities of a classical ensemble to the catchy rhythms and message-oriented lyrics that are characteristic of classic reggae to give the reggae a more academic appeal while still invoking the traditional sounds from where reggae began.

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"As a pastor, I know that music has come down from heaven above as God's good gift to mankind to lift up a person's mind & soul back toward the heavenlies. So the best thing I can say about Jeremiah's musical skills - vocal, instrumental, and compositional - is that they are uplifting."
David Diez
Senior Pastor, Miami Bible Church

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